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1. (noun) A man who is a good teacher, but often encounters extremely awkward silences in his classes

2. (noun) A guy with a beard who enjoys intimidating his students by staring at them

3. (adjective) something extremely awkward

4. (verb) the act of attempting to stare someone down

Synonyms: van pickle, tiki man
1. "Hey! It's Mr. Van Sickle!"
2. "Mr. Van Sickle is my favorite teacher"
3. "Dude- he just grazed the cart.... that's so Van Sickle"
4. "Oh- ok, I guess we're doing this.... I am going to Van Sickle you, fool!"
by caimandude April 22, 2010
1. (verb) To slam into something (for example, a computer cart), then deny the extreme awkwardness of the situation
*Mr. Van Sickle slams into the computer cart*
Keala: Hahahahaha! That's so awkward!
Mr. Van Sickle: I just GRAZED the cart, keala.
by caimandude April 23, 2010

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