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The term "Barack" is used as a verb in place of the work "rock" when talking about something President Obama has said or done.
"Wow, did you see that speech lastnight? He Baracked the crowd!"
#president #obama #barack #debate #verb
by cad281 September 16, 2009
The phrase "thanks for playing" is said arrogantly towards someone who you've just proved wrong.
Dustin: "Michael Turner led the league in rushing in 2008"

Craig: "That would be Adrian Peterson not Michael Turner...but Thanks For Playing!"
#owned #sarcastic #arrogant #prove #wrong
by cad281 August 29, 2009
An exaggerated fabrication of a real life event used to enhance an otherwise boring story.
Brad (to a good looking female): I got third row seats to the World Series from my uncle. It was a great time.

Craig: Brad, you were top row at Spring Training

Brad: Craig, shut up.

Craig: What man? I'm just pointing out the BME.
#liar #false #exaggeration #story #lie
by cad281 August 29, 2009
(verb) The act of backing away from a ground ball while looking away, closing your eyes and sweeping your glove out to your sides in hopes to field the ball.
"Wow, did you see that? That guy was so afraid, he tried to parpagene that ground ball!"
#pmp #pete #parpagene #softball #ground ball #slow pitch #pansy
by cad281 June 19, 2013
When an individual cheers for a team when they're in the playoffs, but doesn't actually watch the games, even when they get the low budget cable station the game is being televised on.

What the bandwagon says happened: "Dude, that game last night was incredible! Boston totally outplayed Chicago! Go Bruins!!!"

What actually happened: The bandwagon watched a few minutes of the game and then fell asleep only to wake up the next morning, check their phone and find out that Boston won in overtime.
#bme #band #wagon #sports #cheer #root
by cad281 June 19, 2013
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