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Boycotting or otherwise protesting against a store that operates unethically or that is not consumer-friendly.
When we found out that Jack's Department Store paid its male employees 25% more than its female employees, we retailiated by putting up posters outside for Sid's Department Store.
#retail #store #revenge #protest #demonstrate
by Cabot Wonder October 15, 2009
The weird coincidence that happens when you decide to watch a repeat of a tv program that you've seen only (parts of) once before, and it turns out to be that one episode that you've already seen.
I've seen Seinfeld only once, so I thought I'd try to get into it watch the repeats ... turned on the tv and it was the one episode I'd already seen. Talk about deja view.
#tv #television #repeat #episode #coincidence
by Cabot Wonder July 13, 2009
The odd feeling that you've had sex with someone, but can't remember meeting them.
I met this woman Jane at a party and got that strange sense of deja scru.
#sex #relationships #party #woman #memory
by Cabot Wonder July 13, 2009
Writing that may contain typos, misspellings, abbreviations and symbols, some of which is intentional, some of which is accidental -- but "close enough" for the reader to figure it out.
Given the amount of twitterfication, it's clear that no one actually READ the article before publishing it; they simply relied on spell checkers.
#typos #writing #mistakes #errors #copywriting
by cabot Wonder April 19, 2010
A process of rationalization that looks for the silver lining in -- or puts a positive spin on -- a negative event.
They got three inches of rain, but he atleastified it by saying, "At least it wasn't snow."
#rationalized #silver lining #bright side #positive #spin
by Cabot Wonder March 22, 2010
The act of bringing a present to someone who has told you that it's not necessary to bring a present -- and especially of the type that they've repeated told you they really don't want/need. (See also "overgifting.")
Every time they come, they keep deafgifting us flowers, despite the fact that I told them they didn't need to bring ANYthing ... AND I'm allergic to flowers.
#gifts #presents #giving #generosity #thoughtfulness
by Cabot Wonder January 05, 2010
The fear of not being in constant touch with the rest of the world, usually evidenced by people who are constantly on their cellphone, tweeting, etc.
It wasn't her fault she drove off the road. She was on her cellphone, an obvious victim of connectaphobia.
#cell phone #tweeting #contact #connecting #calling
by cabot wonder July 19, 2010
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