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The 23rd letter of the alphabet, pronounced "Double-You". When in fact it should be redefined as "Double-Vee" because it does not in fact look at all like 2 U's (UU) but looks more like 2 V's (VV), thus why it should be redefined.
Teacher: What is the 23rd letter of the alphabet?

Kid with brains: Double-vee

Teacher: I'm sorry, that is incorrect, the answer was Double-you

Kid with brains: Listen bitch, I was correct, when you write "double-you" do you put 2 U's together? I think not, do you join to V's together though? I think so. So shut your face, I'm rick james bitch!
by CA3B20A3G September 25, 2007
Kanye West's white twin brother, separated from birth & lives on the east side
lolz dude you see that kanye east wigger?

yeah aye boi hes whack
by CA3B20A3G October 01, 2007
The most stupidest idiotic question you could ask someone, because you 1) Asked if you "can" when you just did, 2) because you just asked a question asking if you could ask a question & 3) cause you are stupid
Dude1: Can I ask you a question?

Dude2: Shut your face
by CA3B20A3G September 18, 2007
1. A song by rapper Mims, I'll let that definition explain why hip-hop is now dead

2. A advertisement quite often seen on this site.
1. This is why I'm hot, This is why I'm hot, This is why, This is why, This is why I'm hot. (I won't tell you why though)

2. This is why I'm hot (earth with sad boiling face & thermostat sticking out of it)
by CA3B20A3G October 07, 2007
haha spelled backwards
Person 1: My best friend got hit by a truck and is now on life support :'(

Person 2: ahah
by CA3B20A3G August 16, 2007
1. A female that is attractive in every way

2. Someone who is feeling good about them selves

3. Someone who is feeling shit about them selves

4. Something good

5. Something you sometimes get from the police when you do something illegal, when in fact, it's not fine at all (except for the government)
1. Damn she fine!

2. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

3. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

4. That's fine!

5. Damn I just go a fine from the pigs for urinating in public
by CA3B20A3G September 17, 2007
Homo-Beast-Ual. Homo meaning "the same", Beast meaning a species of some kind & Ual is what finishes the word off to make it sound good. Homobeastual is a creature (human, horse, sheep, any animal etc...) who likes the same creature as them.
I could never understand why Mr.Smith always liked rooting horses. Must be because I'm a homobeastual
by CA3B20A3G May 29, 2008
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