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3 definitions by c3n0byte

(n) When tweets from divergent sources converge or are similar in a pleasing or amusing manner.
Don’t go to Bath & Body Works. Smells like Kool Aid but every single one of their candies are expired.

I hate "bath products" shops. All of them.

These two tweets appearing my my Twitter(tm) stream could be related, or they could be a case of Serentwippidy.
by c3n0byte May 28, 2013
The fuckocracy is the system by which power is distributed in many first-world western countries. It’s a basic meritocracy, but instead of individuals with merit weilding power, it is rather based on the manner in which sexual availability dictates who holds power or potential success. Which is to say, the merit one wields is directly proportional to sexual maturity/availability/desirability.
You'll be invisible in the fuckocracy if you're between 40 and 60.
by c3n0byte March 05, 2013
Sex yet to be had in lifted hotel rooms with Swedish twins.
"ert hasn't happened yet, but the Swedes have asked me to show them around town, and I plan to show them ALL of the hotel rooms."
by c3n0byte September 06, 2011