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A unique fragrance with promiscuous women (who aren't clean) who will let a man bust his nut anywhere on her body. Men who have a hard time scoring will usually have this fragrance on their hands.
Everyone knew what the head cheerleader had been doing during lunch after she returned wearing too much eau de skeet
by c0nundrummer June 18, 2013
acronym for 'Chris Angel David Blaine Reach Around': the belief that messing with anything that might be voodoo would result in Chris Angel magically appearing and saying "VOODOO!" while getting a reach around from David Blaine
Even though I'm athiest I would never mess with anything that is related to voodoo for the fear of CADBRA....

This was inspired by this thread on Reddit
by c0nundrummer November 22, 2011
slang for a Mexican that can't act any whiter than the white people he works or associates with, yet can still speak fluent Spanish and is in every way a Mexican.
Josh has his bronky playlist going. First Opeth then that Spanish shit no one else in the vehicle can understand!
by c0nundrummer February 27, 2015
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