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To be flat out drunk, not blacked out but not just tipsy. Refering to being "on the sauce" (liquor).
Alright let's go downtown to the bars now I'm already good and saucy.
by C-Hum June 18, 2006
where I relieve myself when I'm at a friends house who has a cat. leaving quite the surprise for said friend's mom when she cleans out the box.
Oh golly Stephen, I think Candy is sick.


Well she left this really huge shit in the litter box and that is just unnatural for an animal of her size.

Oh, I see. Yea you had better call the Vet for that.
by c-hum June 18, 2006
To get fucked up by a various means simultaneously, normally with drugs and alchohol. Taken from a spoof on an Old Navy commercail, it just sounds like a good way to describe being totally wasted.
"Let's get campy"
"Ok pass the bong over here and grab me a beer from the fridge"

There's nothing better than getting campy on friday night.
by C-Hum June 18, 2006
Actually, Chode IS a commonly used term for a weiner that is shorter than it is wide, I mean what else to you call that? It is also synonomous with taint which is ther area between the bean bag and the pooper but cool people mostly say taint and leave chode for a short fat wang.
Dude, that guy had an uncircumsized chode.

Wow his life must suck.
by C-Hum June 18, 2006
An African wise man named jack once told me that you sprinkle flour on dough to roll a pizza crust just like you sprinkle a bitch. I dont know what this means but I thought I'd share and maybe someone can help explain this?
"You gotta sprinkle it (the flour on the dough), just like u sprinklin a bitch" -Jack
by c-hum June 18, 2006
A slang word for peeing or tinkling. Sissy is to peing as grumpy is to pooping.
There was to bathroom in sight so she went on the other side of the tree, squatted and took a sissy.
by c-hum June 18, 2006
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