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Someone who is very tired and goes on a thread and writes bizarre things that have little or nothing to do with what is being talked about on the thread.

Usually has lots of elipses and repeated letters.
jimmy: you kno that game last night was intense
sam: yeah seriously it was
andrea: i love to eat chickennnn its sooo good...
jimmy: andrea, you stay up too late?
sam: looks like weve got a werekoala on our hands...
andrea: baahhhhh whatttt ahhhhahahaha...
by c-dence December 06, 2007
Bitch Ass Ho; usually used as an insult to females that have offended the user, occasionally used to insult males or objects
"That BAH stole my boyfriend!"
"Joseph is such a little BAH! He won't give me back my pencil that I leant him last week!"
"Ow! I stubbed my toe on that BAH!"
by c-dence August 06, 2006

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