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Popular convention in the game of Bridge to determine if the side has enough controls to play in a slam.

Generally a bid of 4NT asks partner to respond with an artificial bid dependent on the number of aces he holds.

The most popular variation is Key-Card which counts the king of the implied trump suit as a key-card. Other variations allow for more than one key suit in which they king counts as a key card.
1S - 2H - 4NT

4NT is Blackwood. According to which variation you are playing you are asking for aces only or possibly the presence of the king or spades or king of hearts as well as a keycard.
by Bylli May 20, 2009
verb: past participle: wellied...

In football (soccer), just whacking the ball as hard as you can and hoping for the best.
I still had the ball but I didn't know whether to shoot or cross, and basically I just wellied it towards goal. It went in, and I ran behind

chances because we rarely keep the ball after our back four just welly it forward all the time instead of passing it into the midfield
by Bylli May 19, 2009
A whisky which is distilled at a single distillery, and which is made completely from a single type of malted grain (usually barley).

This is generally considered the best type of whisky. The most popular varieties are from Scotland although there are a few from Japan.

Some are bottled at cask strength, but most of them are watered down before bottling. The age of the whisky is the whole number of years that have passed between distillation and bottling (during which it was kept in the cask).
On Burns night we'll wash down our haggis with a nice drop of single malt.
by Bylli May 24, 2009
A chasm of men, apparently. Or a tale about Mark Foley and things he said, all of which were right (audience, please!), that all he wanted was a detonator and how Colin is a very pretty pussy cat.
Manchasm by Future of the Left, although the word doesn't appear anywhere in the lyrics.
by Bylli May 24, 2009
A chart (i.e. a list), generally music-based, determined by ones personal taste.

Commonly personal singles charts are a list of what one person's current favourite music is, and is compiled by themselves. The chart will typically change every week, like national charts, the positions moving such that some older songs make way for newer songs. Typically a single may climb the chart to its peak position then move downward until it drops out but patterns may differ.
Oxymoron by 11:59 is currently number one on the NM personal chart.
by Bylli June 17, 2009
mad (colloquial, particularly in Essex)

because the station 2 stops from Dagenham is Barking.
Yeap, you've gone two stops from Dagenham!
by Bylli May 24, 2009
A scaled-down version of a software product, offering only a limited set of features, often free, otherwise much cheaper than the full product.

This is often used as a way of getting buyers who are interested to pay for the full product when they wish to use the features that the lite version does not support.

Sometimes there is a lite version of a product that even has a free version with more features, but not everybody requires these features.
BuzzSoft Lite (made-up example)
Winamp Lite (real example)
by bylli May 20, 2009

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