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Another form of the word "scrub" used more jokingly or less serious
Intended to insult someone at how bad they are something but at the same time make you look good because you're not quite straightforward with your insult.
dude you are such a scurb at this game.
#scrub #noob #newb #baddie #asshat
by ButtMuncher May 02, 2013
Packaged, unopened liquor that is at least 20 years old. It is found from the basements of the elderly and must be transported by suitcase.
Yeah man, I brought this dang ol' bunch of suitcase booze. YEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWW!
#drunk #booze #redneck #grant nichols #ugly dragon
by buttmuncher April 10, 2006
The ugly dragon involves a generous amount of hot sauce rubbed on the nose, then placing the nose in the butthole of another and snorting violently.
Dude, I finally got my girlfriend to do the ugly dragon!
#hot karl #dirty sanchez #donkey punch #fish eye #warm cliff
by buttmuncher April 10, 2006
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