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8 definitions by buttluncher

A tattoo visible just above the crack of the buttocks on the lower back. Also called a tramp stamp.
Guy 1: "Hey look at that girl's tattoo. It's a rose on her lower back"
Guy 2: "Yeah, nice skagtag."
by buttluncher January 31, 2010
It's a brodown road trip, whereupon due to the rules of the brodown, no females are permitted. the additional road trip factor to follow all standard regulations of a road trip, allowing for any due arbitrary fluctuations.
Ben: Hey, Joel gets out of school friday, but he doesn't want to pay for the plane ticket home.

Anthony: Dude....broadown?
by Buttluncher January 20, 2009
1. The system by which the postseason of college football is determined, often with unsatisfactory results

2. Black culture syndrome - A phenomenon observed in white females, in which the victim shows an affinity for rap or r & b music, or in more severe cases, the use of drugs, theft, assault, or in some cases, dating black males. If the afflicted are not treated, they may become a hoodrat.
1. I hate the bcs, it is ruining college football!

2. I hate bcs, it is ruining white girls!
by Buttluncher February 02, 2010
A booty call lasting less than one hour, done on the way to

(a) meet with friends so you don't just think about getting laid the whole time

(b) a party so you don't try too hard to impress girls

(c) a date so that if you end up having sex with HER, you don't bust immediately
guy 1: Dude, want to head to Tony's kegger?
guy 2: Nahh I gotta go to Chelsea's.
guy 3: Bro you're bailing on us for a date with that hog?
guy 2: Fuck no. It's totally a drive by date. I'll see you at Tony's in 40 minutes.
guy 1: Sick, you know Tiffany's gonna be there.
guy 3: That chick from biology he has a hard on for?
guy 1: Oh yeah. I see what you're doing bro!
by buttluncher October 02, 2009
Short for Orlando, a large city in central Florida. Not usually used to reference the tourist attraction areas of the greater Orlando area, but rather the neighborhoods where collegiates live and frequent as Orlando has numerous universities.
Guy 1: Brother there's nothing going on in Bradenton tonight.
Guy 2: My sister said there's a triple kegger up in 'lando.
by buttluncher February 06, 2009
A dude with a beard
Guy 1: Look at that beardie over there
Guy 2: Oh yeah. Sick chin curtain!
by buttluncher October 22, 2008
Underage skag. Not of legal age, but still promiscuous. Easily identifiable by extremely short shorts, low cut tops, general hooker garb.
Guy 1: "Eww look at those underskags leaving Aeropostale."
Guy 2: "Hey your parents let you outta the house like that you little slut?"
by buttluncher November 14, 2010