13 definitions by butters

The act or condition of being correct, without fault, agreement. Used alone as a sentance.
-Hey kid, lets get sloppy faced and spary up a cop car. -Word that.
by Butters April 28, 2002
big old negative bastard
Shut up Nohja
by Butters February 09, 2004
masterbating furiously to dead bodies
"i was squeaging at the morgue yesterday."
by butters August 19, 2004
Refer to penis, a slang term for the male reproductive organs. Used by the Stooges in their quest for glory.
Pull up yo pants man, yo dunger is hanging all over the place.

I flopped my dunger on his shoulder and he freaked out.
by Butters October 19, 2004
some hella lesbian bitch who fingers herself onstage in front of her audience which is mostly 7 year old girls and maybe like Michael Moore and Pee Wee Herman
oh gross her boobs are all hard and oogie
by Butters August 12, 2004
a fat ape that rapes minkus
stop it zorro
by butters February 09, 2004
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