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The state of anti-health where one has large testicular growth around oral orifice areas. This can have devastating results, but also may allow one to go on Maury Povich and get consolations gifts.
I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you're perfectly healthy. The bad news is that you have chinballitis.
by Butters May 28, 2003
A familiar Venezuelan word to describe a vagina, most commonly used by children.
"Le he visto la totona a María"
by Butters May 05, 2005
The possibilty of increasing a womans chance to have an orgasm by performing the keegal excersise. The excersise strengthens the PC muscle around the vagina. Contract the muscle hold it for a few secs then relax it, repeat.
Butters- Sandy Keegal again..
Sandy- mmmmmmm!..
Chris- i wish i could keegal :(
by Butters December 28, 2004
when you are 69ing a girl and take the chewing tobacco out of your lip and put it in her ass.
i didn't know what to do with my chaw, so I gave her a mississippi stinger.
by butters December 06, 2004
A fat asian boy obsessed with a white skinny girl. Whacks off in school and listens to boy bands like NSYNC.
Think Sea Elephant meets stalker.
by Butters February 28, 2005
Dick Smiths brand of matches
Ive gotta go down to the shop to buy some dick heads
by Butters November 10, 2003
Homosexual, fag, gay person
Rock Hudson is the biggest shit miner ever!
by Butters September 28, 2004

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