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The 3 brances of the canadian military, Army, Navy and Air after unification under former prime minister trudeau. Used to be known as Canadian Armed Forces before the name change to simply Canadian Forces. Consists of Land Command, Maritime command and Air command. These 3 elements make up what is known as the canadian army, canadian navy and canadian airforce. Members of all 3 elements are highly trained and respected professionals who defend the nation and keep the light of freedom burning across the world.
Who defends the nation? Canadian forces.
Who defends those who can not defend themselves? canadian forces.
who helps the weak and innocent? canadian forces.
who will never surrender and never give up? the canadian forces.
by burning_arc May 21, 2006
Shitty City I live in. Full of native gangs, mass crime, car jackings, loads of gays, left wing whacko city.
I live in vancouver, i dont support gay marriage, but this shitty city is all left wing whackos and full of gays who want gay marriage so they can fuck men in the ass.
by burning_arc January 23, 2005
a pathetic drug used by pathetic losers who are so pathetic that instead of trying to face the world and change there problems instead choose to run away as cowards and mask there problems with this stupid drug.
also commonly used by idiots who do it to imitate black rap artists who they think are cool, but dont relize the rap artists dont care about you, all they want is your money. and in the end, through weed, you cant solve your problems, you just choose to run, quit running, take up destiny, and solve your problems.
hey dude, i smoke weed, im a loser because I cant face my problems and im to pathetic to even attempt to solve them or make my life better so I choose to run away from everything.
by burning_arc August 09, 2005
a drug for losers who will never get a job or succede in life.

Also commonly associated with wiggers who think living in the ghetto and hurting people/stealing cars is "DA bomb mah Homiez word dawg!!
oh man im such a loser im gonna buy an illegal substance because im to much of a coward to solve my own problems so im gonna run away from them all by killing my lungs and taking away my abilty to exercise without constantly coughing.
by burning_arc June 27, 2004

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