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The sequel to Halo 2, a game for the Xbox.
Halo 3 is the sequel to Halo 2.
by burdettb September 21, 2007
A "reverse euphemism" is a euphemism that works in such a way as to poke fun at most euphemisms. For example, a euphemism for beating up freshmen is called a "hazing." A reverse euphemism for a place where freshmen were being beaten up would be a "genocide convention."
Bob: Oh, hey, school just let out and it's YMCA night, so I've gotta go take a shit.

Joe: What?

Bob: I mean I actually have to drop the kids off at the pool. Haven't you heard a reverse euphemism before?
by burdettb September 07, 2007
When a fan of a series makes a prediction about relationships between characters but is devastated to discover the inaccuracy of said predictions, that fan is said to be ship-wrecked.
Certain Harry Potter fans found themselves ship-wrecked when Harry entered a relationship with Ginny.
by burdettb October 31, 2010
Another name for a safety meeting. Used when your boss knows what a safety meeting is or when you just want to sound witty and ironic.
Joe: We're having a genocide convention at 2:00, behind Hayes Hall.
Bob: What?
Joe: You know... a safety meeting.
Bob: Huh?
Joe: Bob... we're smoking pot at 2:00, ok? Just be there.
by burdettb September 21, 2007

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