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A person, drunk off their tits on goon, who proceeds to wear the the cardboard wine cask on his/her head like a helmet.
Person 1: 'Uggh...' *passes out*

Person 2: 'Man, you is a true goon warrior'.
by bunt January 17, 2008
Crude Australian slang for look/quick peek or 'have a go of'. Pronounced like the cheese 'ghee' with a Z on the end.
"'Ey you cunt, give us a gheez at cha nerf gun or i'll bash ya cunt in".
by bunt January 17, 2008
Extended variation of 'slurry' - meaning a slut so dirty she is comparable to a bucket full of slurry - wet, mushy clay that resembles shit used in clay sculpturing to hold two pieces of dry clay together.
"Oi, gis' a geez at ya vadge, ya 'lurry bucket."
by bunt January 17, 2008
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