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born Ned Arnell Holness October 22, 1967. Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Television Show Host.
Took the stage name Carlos Mencia in the early-mid 90's and started performing his stand-up comedy act in the L.A. comedy scene at venues such as The Comedy Store and The L.A. Cabaret. Throughout the years, Mencia has released 7 CD's, 4 televised comedy specials, and has various television cameo appearances. Mencia finally got a regualar weekly half-hour slot on Comedy Central called Mind of Mencia in June of 2005.
Mencia's comedy is highly controversial. His general material focus is race, religion, and social class. He also pokes fun at the physically handicapped, and the mentally impaired. The vast majority of the American viewing public dislike Carlos Mencia's routine, and not because of his offensive conduct- but because of his lack of comedic talent. His loud, in-your-face presentation and delivery seem to upset more people than make them laugh. Also, his material is not broad. He stays away from other popular issues, and sticks with race.
People that like Mencia feel that his critics dislike him because of his controversial material, when actually they(WE) dislike him because of his poor delivery, his obnoxious presentation, and his narrow range of material.
I'd rather sit on a bed of dicks and have you piss on my face than watch Carlos Mencia perform.
by bullfr0g June 10, 2006

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