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A nutritional approach to losing weight, based on simply consuming less food.
- I have practiced every known diet this summer, and I still keep gaining weight..
- Have you tried eating less? Everybody knows that auschwitz diet just works!
by bugpower January 21, 2012
A game of proceeding to the gate as late as possible, without missing the flight. Everyone except the last passanger arrived at the airport is considered a check-in chicken.
- Yo man, I guess it's time to go!
- No way bro, who comes two hours before the flight? Don't be such a check-in chicken.
by bugpower October 19, 2015
Bureaucratic work of the new era that does not involve paper, as opposed to paperwork, popular before invention of the paperless office.

First used in Futurama in the episode about the movie Minority Report.
From Futurama:
“Ain’t you headin’ home, Phil?”

“In a minute. I just wanna finish this paperless work.” – Fry

I've outsourced the data entry to oDesk, because it is such a tedious paperless work.
by bugpower December 13, 2011
When a passenger leans his sit back and everyone behind him are forced to do the same.
Be careful with your laptop, an airplane domino is approaching.
by bugpower February 25, 2015
In Object Oriented Programming, fuck-aid pattern is a leaky and poorly written wrapper of a non-object oriented interface.

Derived from mispronunciation of "facade pattern" by non-native English speakers.
MFC is a fuck-aid pattern wrapper for the Windows API
by bugpower February 10, 2012
A screenshot of a bug, usually done by QA for the software developers.
- My screen is half grey!
- Could you please take the crapshot, grandma?
- sends whatsapp message
- Oh, why have you pulled the task bar all the way up?
by bugpower March 03, 2014
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