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An expression of shock.
Heavens to betsy! I forgot to turn off the iron.
by buggum September 18, 2005
A spring clip that holds a pin in place.
Hand me that jesus clip.
<sound of clip flying to the other end of the garage>
Jesus! Where did it go?
by buggum September 18, 2005
A manufactured commotion meant to distract.
Well, officer, there was a little street theater, and when I looked down, my bag was gone.
by buggum September 18, 2005
Short for TELephone COmpany or TELeCOmmunications. Now, any company or group that uses electronic communication might consider themselves a telco.
Screw ATT, we're starting our own telco.
by buggum September 18, 2005
Do You Want To Fly Today?
"I've seen passengers receive the 'Do You Want To Fly Today?' (DYWTFT) treatment because a medical disability makes shoe removal difficult or physically painful."
by buggum April 19, 2010
Expression of surprise that my dad uses. I may have heard someone else use it.
Me: Dad, the Chinese just sent a man into space!
Dad: Holy H. jumped up!
by buggum September 18, 2005
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