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4 definitions by buddah

is a southern abbreviation of sure
person 1: Ya'll drankin' on somin' 2nite?
person 2: Shol is.
by Buddah May 06, 2003
1. being, or being like tags on #bassdrive
tagski u so bohdriggity
by buddah August 21, 2005
As opposed to buttocks. A slang term for the vaginal lips. Derived from buttocks to create cuntox.
She had big cuntox!
by Buddah November 02, 2003
the first impression is basically a thumb print (using your thumb to massage/penetrate a woman's anus) with a little spice added, stealthily slipping an ecstasy tab in with the thumb, to increase the sexual experience for the woman
"Damn Brian, that sex was amazing, thanks for that First Impression"
by buddah April 17, 2006