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3 definitions by bubblebuttboy

A unit of measurement commonly used in South Dakota to say the length and or width of something around a foot long such as a Subway sandwich.
White Guy 1- I just got a new big screen TV and it is around 4 nigdicks long and 2 1/2 nigdicks tall.

Black Friend 1- Your a fucking racist.

White Guy 2- Wait. Why is there a black man in South Dakota?

Black Friend 1- Your a fucking racist.
by bubblebuttboy November 12, 2011
9 1
While being so intoxicated and lazy you are unable to leave your bed before getting another beer. Often times friends have to bring you beer in order for the bed drinking to continue.
Boy in bed one: Buddy you've been bed drinking all day long.
Boy in bed two: I know man, this is the best birthday ever.
by bubblebuttboy May 28, 2011
5 0
Commonly used by Southdakotans. Refers to moving your vagina over.
Matt: Hey fuckhead, scoot your cooch.

Fuckhead: I don't understand??

Matt: (swift kick to the dick) move your vagina over pussy.

Fuckhead: (scoots his cooch)
by bubblebuttboy September 14, 2011
2 1