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to take a crap or a dump. usually very large
"Hey, where is Bob?"
"He's in the bathroom sending home a Texan"
by bubbadave July 24, 2005
to suck in an sloppy, uncontrolled and enthusiastic way
that skanky bitch loved to slarve mydode.
by bubbadave June 26, 2005
someone who farts in the bath tub and bites at the bubbles.
That dude is so weird. He's probably a schnarf.
by bubbadave July 30, 2005
person who frequents the Colorado River.In particular the Lake Havasu/Parker Strip region. Commonly pays more attention to their boat than their wife,family,house etc. Almost always seen with a Coors Light in hand
Look at that guy. A piece of crap truck and a fugly house but a $75000.00 boat.

Yah,he must be a River Rat.
by bubbadave July 30, 2005

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