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96 definitions by bubba

A very mild insult which doesnt realy have a meaning other than to sound offensive.
"Hey, fagarm! Why are you such a stupid fagarm, fagarm!
by Bubba March 22, 2005
A person who spews esoteric and inane factoids (a la Cliff Claven) during a spirited game of Trivial Pursuit or the like. A behavior exhibited much to the dismay of the rest of the players who all suffer from short attention span.
Erik, you are being a T.A. It is possible that Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin didn't drink gin.
by Bubba January 08, 2004
extreme joy; extatic
Billy was jumpfrious when he recived his award
by Bubba November 05, 2003
The act of slammin one's fist into another's rectum, but usually done in hate or pissedoffness.
That was one hell of a fist slam.
by bubba March 24, 2003
An extremely angry young man infatuated with Gothic culture. One with latent homosexual desires. The Ghey.
Voldermortist is raging homo
by Bubba March 29, 2005
Good at writing wierd stories. Enjoys taking advantage of her friend Samantha F's locker and DDR.
"Once upon a time there was mountain, and he liked to danced. He would dance all the time while the hills around him sang for him. His name was Billy."
-Taken from one of Critina's stories.
by BUBBA February 23, 2005
background came from a bunch of guys in a tech school auto tech shop. A connecting rod is another term for a penis. called a connecting rod because it "connects" a man and his bitch together
she keeps moving away so its time for the connecting rod.
by Bubba December 25, 2004