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This word is used as an interjection when something is really swell or off the hook. It was coined by mattdgren.
Guy 1
"Our band just got signed to a label."

Guy 2
by Bubb Rubb January 26, 2005
Anything you want it to be
The Gordonk Strikes Back
Raiders of the Lost Gordonk
I Shot the Gordonk
Gordonk's Delight
by Bubb Rubb November 05, 2003
the tightest rappers around comprized of 4 of the sickest mc's to ever do it
but its more then a group and a lifestyle utes stands for everything good if ur a good person then your a UTE
Mike Glisan is a UTE
by Bubb Rubb September 18, 2004
Terribly insignifigant to the point of comedy
The man from X.I.M.I.A.N. was the true personification of absolute weaksauce douchery
by Bubb Rubb August 20, 2003
When you have sex on the beach, pull out, stick your shlong in the sand, then stick it back in.
I was under the boardwalk with this skank & decided to give her the good ole corndog!
by Bubb Rubb November 07, 2003
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