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11 definitions by btezra

1. A monolithic crap of such epic proportion that its aroma has been know to travel far distances, well up to 50 feet and cause co-workers to throw up after catching a whiff.
*named after Joe, one of the technicians who can clear an entire office after taking a crap.
The clients came for a metting yesterday to our offices but after catching one whiff of that Joe-sized dump the receptionist took they left the offices running for their lives.
by btezra October 19, 2005
9 8
the author of whatthehellhappenedlastnight.com
"Did you read what btezra posted today on whatthehellhappenedlastnight.com?
by btezra May 12, 2003
0 1
to masterbate; jerk off; make the one eyed monkey spit; to pleasure oneself {male version}

can be done alone/solo, or in the presence of another or group of others
by btezra October 28, 2002
11 12
someone who is not only as stupid or rather idiotic, but also unintelligent or a complete fuckup
"I hear that Johnny shot himself in the head while cleaning out a loaded shotgun before he headed out for the opening of dear season, what a numbnut!"
by btezra October 25, 2002
29 36