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As stated above, an accidental emission of shiat, when only flatulence was intended.

Also known as losing the gamble.
Um, seriously, dude, we've gotta go. I totally just sharted.
by bscepter February 12, 2005
Originating from a line of dialogue from the third Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, spoken by the character Admiral Ackbar.

The phrase is now often used by various geeks in online forums, especially on the Web site fark.com.

Typically used as a non sequitur.
"Dude, did you check out that link I sent you?"

"It's a trap!"
by bscepter February 12, 2005
An alternate description of the term shart. An unintentional emission of feces during intended flatulence.
I was taking a piss the other day and tried to fart. It sucked, dude--I totally lost the gamble!
by bscepter February 12, 2005
Past tense version of losing the gamble--an unintentional emission of fecese during intended flatulence.
"Why do you look so nervous?"

"I tried to fart, but I totally lost the gamble."
by bscepter February 12, 2005

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