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1. Welsh name for "hill"
2. None of the above definitions barring the hill one.
3. Me.
Bryn owns you all and is never wrong, ever.
by Bryn July 25, 2004
A sound system. Especially one putting on or participating in underground free parties. (UK.)
"Where's the fucking rig man?? He said he's be here by 10."

"Yeah man, my mate Dave, 'e's got this major rig, must be a hundred an' fifty K."
by bryn July 22, 2003
Sclunt combines the word Cunt and Slut. is someone you know cunty and sluty? well then their a sclunt!
Tip_Whore is a Sclunt.
by Bryn February 14, 2004
Device used by protesters to secure themselves to an imobable object and so prevent their removal.
Common examples include a section of drain-pipe with an iron bar through the centre set in concrete.
by bryn July 22, 2003
fuck me chase fuck me!!!!! stick ur enormous cock in my pussy!!! oooOOOOO it feels soooo fucking good!!!! go harder and faster!!!! faster!!!!!!! ooOOOooOOOOO dont stop!!!! ride me ooo ride me!!! im moaning like never before!!!!!! ooo shit!! fuck me harder!!!!!!!
an invitation for chase to come fuck me
by bryn December 20, 2003
the word you use when you are telling someone to "beat your ass"
when that brad guy from the real world alomst got in a fight

"come on son ...whatcha gonna do son...what son what!!"
by bryn December 17, 2004

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