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Derived from the word Mung, Mung-Nog is a holiday treat to be shared with friends and family during that festive time of the year. Simply follow the directions for "harvesting" your Mung with one slight variation, instead of using your mouth to catch the Mung, use a bucket.
Please note; if you are hosting a large event you may need to harvest your Mung from more than one doner or one very large doner.
Then simply add cinnamon and some of your favorite holiday spirits, heat and serve.
Yours will be the party everyone talks about all year long.
"Damn thats some tasty Mung-Nog, how do you get yours so chunky"?
by Bruno December 20, 2004
The smartest and most physically attractive Madisonians to still be living in their mom's basements.
Holy shit, I ran into a foron in real life and totally creamed my jeans at first sight!
by Bruno January 22, 2005
Campy cartoon superhero, with powers similar to the rubber guy in the Fantastic Four. Able to stretch and conform his body at will.
Plasticman was one of the worst cartoons ever, until Plastic Baby, showed up.
by Bruno January 06, 2004
(v) to leave a friend/business partner in the lurch at the worst possible moment, while simultaneously rendering yourself uncontactable for an extended period.
"Just make sure you have a backup plan in case you get carparked."

"He eventually lost confidence in the venture, having been carparked by his partner so many times."
by Bruno September 20, 2004
white, heterosexual. most commonly used in reference to a white heterosexual male.

Often used in a derogatory context as a replacement for words attacking less prominent groups of people.
That shmelp wouldn't know the first thing about booty base

Dude, why are you watching Friends? That show is so shmelp.
by bruno June 23, 2004
Similar to good, spectacular. Means something is perfect.
He's the One.
He's BFiss
by bruno June 27, 2004
Somekind of cookie that UrbanDictionary.com is trying to place on my PC.
Hey, Spybot just blocked Avenue A, Inc. from being placed on my computer. Thanks, Spybot!!
by Bruno January 06, 2004

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