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6 definitions by brotographer

A completely hetero photo shoot involving two straight males.
John: Come on man, let's take some pictures together.
Steve: No way, what's your problem?
John: It's not gay, it's brotography.
by brotographer September 16, 2009
when a bro plans and carrys out a murder on a fellow bro
girl 1: Did you hear about Terry killing Steve?
girl 2: Oh dear, no.
girl 1: Yeah, it was bromeditated murder in the first degree.
girl 2: Oh shit, son.
by brotographer September 24, 2009
when bros gently nurture plants together in a completely hetero way
Thomas and Rob have been in the garden for hours getting their brotany on.
by brotographer September 23, 2009
a junior assistant manager breakdown is when either a burger king or hardees wannabe manager attempts to stop you from getting a soda when you ordered a water. it sometimes is triggered by a junior assistant manager freakout, and is usually accompanied by empty threats from the middle-aged jr assistant management and bouts of laughter from myself.
some lady: hey! dump it out and get a water!
me: it was an accident
some lady: you didn't pay for that!!!
me: it's okay, relax and try not to have a junior assistant manager breakdown
by brotographer March 20, 2010
the proper time for consuming crack cocaine
thug: what time it is?
gangsta: crack thirty
thug: yeah boi
by brotographer March 20, 2010
a time in which it becomes appropriate to consume some marijuana.
man 1: hey do you know what time it is?
man 2: 3:15?
man 1: weed thirty
man 2: you can't threaten me with a good time
by brotographer March 20, 2010