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four guys- se7en, antz, mikl, and phat j- who are commonly hated for their music: crunk they are very widely despised, called homo/metrosexuals, are told they go out to an emo or emofag audience. what some fans of brokencyde question is why people hate them. well, because, while their music is offensive to many, a lot of people still enjoy their crunk-core sound.

don't hate on them just because their famous for being infamous. they never did anything to you so stop bitching.
A:"I hate brokencyde. They f**king suck ass."

"A lot of people still like them. And your favorite band might suck too so why the hell are you complainting about f**king brokeNCYDE?"

B:"brokencyde are fags"

"noo, you're just saying that 'cuz you hate them so stfu."
by brokESCAPExxx August 16, 2009

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