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The correct term for anyone or anything referring to a vampire who sparkles.
person 1: "Hey look at my new sparkling vampire book"
person 2: "Twatlight???? That's wicked retarded"
person 1: "but...but...he sparkles"
person 2: :"You are such a twatlighter"
by brittonmelanieinc August 08, 2009
a noun referring to a person who is reduced to slave labor.

An intern works for no pay, and their main job is to get coffee and obey each demand by their employer.
"Melanie clean the floors you intern"

"Why are you so poor? Oh wait, I know because you're an intern"
by BrittonMelanieinc August 08, 2009
A pillow filled with tiny beans that create a comfortable and squishy texture that is fun to play with and lie on.

Not a Weird Word as some lowly interns may think
person 1: "What's this called?" (looking at kouch unawares)
person 2: "That's a kouch pillow"
person 1: "Kouch? that's a weird word"
person 2: "Lies"
by brittonmelanieinc August 08, 2009
the act of munching or biting on someones neck like a vampire..but not a twatlight vampire
I don't care if she just comes up and vamps on my neck I find it cute.

"Vamp, vamp, vamp" :D
by brittonmelanieinc August 08, 2009

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