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noun; a brand set up in 2010 by a british bipolar SAHM where all products are handmade and use upcycled materials where possible. It is 100% philanthropic which means that 100% of the 'profits' go to charity and other worthy causes. To enable RENAÎT to continue fundraising only costs and charges are deducted - labour, love, time and effort are all donated free as part of a journey to self-discovery and healing.

verb; to breathe new life into something
I bought these handmade homemade polymer clay tags from RENAÎT and best of all at least 90% went to charity!; I'm doing my bit for the planet and helping to raise money for worthy causes by buying this cool bookclock from RENAÎT; I bought my knitter's baubles online via www.renait.folksy.com
by british&barmy April 01, 2011
a large amount defined as a single quantity or number; an unmeasured quantity that is estimated to be vast in volume;
I drank a cockerel of booze last night; I'll need a cockerel of wool to knit a jumper that size!; I've a cockerel of junk in my garage
by british&barmy October 02, 2010
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