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A widely used term that can be meant for many occassionas as in : hello,how are you,who are you,what is this?, really? etc etc. There are no limitations to the term "niggas in my face"
Yo dustin,i think there is someone in the backyard
There is?....YO! Niggas in my face!!!

Hey man,you wanna smoke this B?
A b? niggas in my face!!!
by brinkman2310 April 16, 2008
The large amount of fat that covers a fat womans vagina,also know as "fupa", the supafupa can sometimes hang as low as the knee caps/shin region
Yo im sitting at work minding my business when nancy and becca gotta run their supafupas around everywhere like they aint got none.
by brinkman2310 April 16, 2008
The delicate art of fucking a pregnant woman with the baby grabbing your dick
I was fucking this pregnant bitch last night and i got a munchkin paw,it was jdm yo!
by brinkman2310 April 16, 2008
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