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Windows 8 is the next generation of Microsoft's Operating System family and its basically a virus that turns any capable, powerful desktop computer into a worthless pile of crap. Its a phone interface on top of a duller Windows Desktop but with some features also removed! :D The start menu disappeared by magic so its really good at making it harder than ever to find your files! :)

I have always wanted to spend ages getting to the work I need on my PC and thankfully Microsoft listened to my cry!

I also just love how it makes me feel like a kid again while I'm trying to get professional work done and the sad face on the blue screen of death is much more useful than actual technical information on the error!

Thanks a bunch Microsoft! There is no way in hell that I've deleted Windows and moved to Linux now :)
Idiot: Yo dawg herd bout dat cool new os Windows 8 its totally awesome!
Someone: Yes I had the developer preview a year ago... sucked then and sucks now... hate to be you man...
by brianmillar9 November 03, 2012

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