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The time of year when marching season starts(although practice starts mid-summer). It consists of Parade(marching on the street), Field Show, Concert, and Jazz, at least in California. It's probably the most hectic season in a students first semester because it takes up so much time. It's all worth it though.
Guy 1: Fall is going to be really fun!
Guy 2: I know right?

The day after Fall:
Guy 1: It's over already?! It feels like we still have 4 more comps left!
Guy 2: Time flies.
by brian707 November 22, 2009
The time of year when indoor Drumline and Colorguard start. No marching band or anything. Just Winterguard and Winter Percussion. A lot less hectic than Fall, but a lot more friendlier because everyone already has something in common, being either in Drumline or Colorguard, which are a lot less smaller than marching band.

Instead of marching outdoors on the street or field, it's all indoors. While not as hectic, it's still a lot of work, and totally worth it.
Guy 1: When are tryouts for Winter? I'm really excited to try out for Tenors!
Guy 2: Next week. I'm trying out for Bass.
Other 142 people: We're doing Snare!
by brian707 November 22, 2009
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