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an ape desended life form that is in close relation to a human but not in the homo-sapian classification of human species. the jock is in the lower hiarchy of man known as the dumasasapian species.
Everyone knows that jocks provide the missing ling and prove evolution.
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
A suburb of Dallas, it breifly flashed into national news-worthiness when blacktop heroin found its way there in the late 90's, leading to a slew of deaths. It can be divided into 2 regions

A. West: The newer part, it also has a higher per capita income(on the order of $100,000-$120,000). Its schools are still a hotbed of drug activity due to the high preponderance of bored, rich kids, but heroin has fallen out of favor.

B. East: Considered by most Plano-ites, to be the "ghetto" section of Plano, the vast majority is still upper-middle class. It however lacks the number of shopping malls/ multiplexes/ etc. that have arose in the west side during the building boom that hit the DFW area in the 90's.
In Plano there are two types of students; bored, rich junkies and GPA-whoring asians
by Brian Smith March 14, 2005
poo that floats on the top of the toilet water
it's a gigantic floater!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
a word describing something bad or stupid
that is a bunch of poopla!
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
a person who is highly dominent over his/her partner (s&m).
stop being a sex nazi and let me be on top!
by Brian Smith November 09, 2004
a cigarette burn that is given by a person who already has one to another person that marks alot of hardcore Germs fans.
that guy gave me a germs burn.
by Brian Smith November 08, 2004
to be gay yet terribly afraid of anal sex
oh jesus no! i have packafudgeaphobia
by Brian Smith December 03, 2004
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