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the act of giving an urbandictionary definition a thumbs up on your work computer, home computer, and your iPhone every day. it certainly does add up after a while.
Fred kept thumb boosting his definition of "love" every day for 2 years until it had the 5th most thumbed up definition of the word.
by brett69xxx September 23, 2009
Foul Bachelor Frog. An Advice Dog Spin-off. One of the only good ones, since almost all /b/tards can relate.
Oh wow, another FBF thread. Haven't seen one of these in fucking 10 minutes.
by brett69xxx June 28, 2010
internet acronym for Bitch Get The Fuck Out.
used most commonly when you want someone out of your chat but he/she wont get the fuck out, in which case you say bgtfo. also can be used as B,GTFO when you want more emphasis on the "Bitch"
me: cmon ashley i just want to talk to my gf in private for a little while can you plzz leave the chat for a bit??

ashley: no i wanna listen to all this drama!!

me: cmon plzz

ashley: no!!

me: you know what? ive had enough of this shit. BGTFO

ashley1564 has left the chat
by brett69xxx August 24, 2009
how the letter f is pronounced by most black people. made famous by the youtube video "Unbelievably Stupid Woman on Wheel Of Fortune".
Black male: Mah favrit letta o da alfubet is da letta ay-uf.
by brett69xxx September 03, 2009
an imaginary place somewhere on earth that is said to be excruciatingly hot. invented by old people.
grandma: my goodness, its hotter than blue blazes in here!
me: where is blue blazes?
grandma: i don't know, but i'm guessing its somewhere hot.
by brett69xxx September 23, 2009
a restaurant parody of "tgi Friday's". hopefully someday someone will make an actual restaurant out of it.
Guy1: tgi Friday's is one of my favorite restaurants.
Guy2: dude, that place is sooooo last year. ih8 Monday's is whats in.
by brett69xxx October 02, 2009
Yeah You Are!
originating from amirite.net, where it signifies a thumbs up, apposed to "nw", or "no way!"
Brett is the coolest guy on amirite.net, amirite?

by brett69xxx October 07, 2010
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