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a women's vagina that is rough, feeling much like sandpaper. It can be because of the women herself, or because of a long day at the beach. Both are uncomfortable and can ruin intercourse with a roughed up penis
My girlfriend just got back from the beach, but i coudn't fuck her with her sandpaper pussy.
#sandpaper #pussy #sand #rough sex #beach
by brente89 July 27, 2008
A man or woman who has an unhealthy obsession with dicks, and in most cases is a disease infested whore.
I can't even mess around with that girl man, everyone keeps telling me she's a dick mongrel.
#mongrel #penis #whore #chickenhead #slut
by brente89 July 27, 2008
the act of putting your penis into a rat

most rat fuckers have many diseases and should be avoided at all costs. They are outcasts in most societies, except for France where they even have a holiday for it.
I saw peter fucking my pet rat last night, he's such a rat fucker.
#rat #fucker #rodent #beastiality #disease
by brente89 July 27, 2008
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