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Maddox (www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net) put it best:

I had a wet fart.
I think I need to wipe it.
Damn! I shit my pants.
I'm better than you
cos my johnson is so big
I hate your mother
by breep December 04, 2004
a tournament that happens only in the united states of america. I don't even know which sport it is, because frankly I don't give a shit. It only happens in america (contrary to the title), so it doesn't concern me.
Person: Did you hear America won the world series?

Me: Against who?

Person: America. Oh and that other team from america. Oh yeah and there were another bunch of other teams all from america.

Me: Was there anyone not from america?

Person: Nope.
by breep December 04, 2004
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