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H.R. could mean a few things. Let me list them.
1. hotel room
2. holiday rush
3. human resources
4. herbal tea
1. what a guy/girl says when they are around adults. "lets go to the H.R." meaning-lets go to the hotel room.
2. if you went to school for at leats a year you would understand this one. What you feel during break.
3. boring people that you call when your $3,000 fridge doesnt work.
4. a nice cup of hot tea. "can i have a h.r.?
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009
A type of crap that floats. Also one found in the pool at hotel. To deal with floater in pool you simply close down pool, put up caution tape, have manager stare at floater for a hour, then clean it out.
Simply go to a hotel and ask the front desk whether or not they have had floater in pool.
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009
A phrase that gay people usually use when they are attempting to express suprise (usually said in high pitched voice).

Pronounced: wow-eezz!!!
gay boy: WOWEZ!!! that is coolio!!
kid: shut up dork.
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009
the chewy yummy delicious fruit flavored candy we all love. Little and round with a hole in the middle. Solve all problems. They come in many flavors, but now I am eating WILD BERRY flavor. mmmmmm... satify your taste buds today.
Brad: Hey honey I know that we are having a hard time now, but try some lifesavors.
Angela: Fine. (brief pause when she puts candy into mouth) mmmmmm that is good!!
Brad: I told you so
Angela: Come here honey buns!!
(They embrace and live happily ever after)
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009
A lame but hilarious thing such as lame dance move, movie that made you pee your pants,or hair-do from the 60's.
"Dude that is super freaky"
"Yeah dude, that movie made me crap my pants"
by breathdeeply April 12, 2009

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