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3 definitions by breast fixation

A situation where someone reads a variety of materials on a particular subject, but that person rejects information or materials -- even if they are factually accurate -- because this information or materials do not support one's beliefs or opinions.
She's a diehard Republican, and she's got select-o-vision. If she reads any articles or books that make Democrats look good -- even if the stuff is true -- she wants to ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist.
by breast fixation June 12, 2011
Surgically enhanced female breasts. The word mammarex is a play on the brand name Memorex™ and its advertising slogan ("Is it live or is it Memorex™?").
Example: "Are her breasts real or are they mammarex?"
by breast fixation June 12, 2011
A lesbian. Ostensibly, a Xena fan is someone who enjoys watching the TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess," but the Xena program is especially popular with lesbians and the lesbian community.
Mary is a Xena fan - she's not interested in dating men. She likes women.
by breast fixation June 12, 2011