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4 definitions by breakdown

One who doesn't fall in any category of people (cliques).
The tweener walked through the halls helplessly looking for a place to belong.
by BreakDown March 03, 2005
based off of the Roman Caesar Smyticus "The Jew" (ruled from 350-300 BC)/one who appears to have extremely small appendages and a large curly, clown-like hairstyle/often mistaken for a trollish fellow
Turn away Bobby, we dont want to upset the Smyticus.
by breakdown January 28, 2004
3 in the pinker, 1 in the stinker, 1 as the tickler. You get it, don't you?
Dude, is that chick loose enough for some 3p1s1t?
by breakdown March 04, 2005
a slut, or ho. Coming from i dunno where but it sounds like a kool thing to call a ho.
"Yo, that chick is a mut. She handled like 8 guys at once."
by breakdown March 04, 2005