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when you show off the hair on your chest by wearing a low cut "V" neck or a shirt that you can undo buttons. Making it easy for the hair to be seen and touched.
look a Jim's chest salad, he is really tossing her today.
#chest hair #chest rug #tossing chest salad #chest flow #etc...
by braydy January 24, 2012
the act of making a clapping noise with your sac. This can be done when having sex or solo. Solo being the real dick trick when alone swing back in forth to make the sac clap against the gooch.
Connor: Hey, Sally check out my new dick trick.

Sally: Wow thats a sac clap
#dick trick #nut clapping #talent #large sac #would be more beneficial.
by Braydy January 24, 2012
the act of using your tongue to pleasure a males or females inner arse.
Bray: what did you last night with Sally?

Kolt: I was filling the gum ball machine.
#tossing the salad #ass licking #eating out the bum #tongue to ass #butt hole pleasures
by braydy January 24, 2012
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