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other acceptable names include; "the overlord", "God" "the almighty", "his exelence" and "johnny P."

Currently the only man/beast, that can play 68 hours a day without stopping. Feeds on small mammals and human body parts. does not have anyy reproductive organs, he merely reproduces using osmosis. Leyend tell he once impregnated 659 women miles away from him simply by yawning.

he is better than malmsteen or whatever the fuck his name is...
wow... john petrucci is soooooo fast and so.... (explosion, about 20 thousand people died including the guy who shared his thoughts)
by brayan gomez August 28, 2008
Nickname given people who have no testicles. Usually of mexican decent. Mentaly retarded on most cases
holy shit! everybody hide your weed... cozu is coming
by brayan gomez August 28, 2008
The dumbest being alive... ever. Usually next to the second dumbest being alive, cheney. Can be usually found near cacti and other desert plants. Feeds on doritos hoho's and other mind numbing foods and gets erections watching bambi and other gay disney characters. Makin words up is its favorite passtime and although he usually doesnt know where the hell he is most of the time, he ALWAYS finds the wrong thing to say at precisely the wrong time. Its does not defecate (its full of shit).

When out of its natural habitat, eggs and other vegetables and sometimes even rocks are attracted to it with a magical variation of the already known gravitational pull. AKA agressive demonstrations.
aww... look at the little georgy bush makin this world a better place for his fellow apes! he sure is a stupid george bush!
by brayan gomez August 28, 2008

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