2 definitions by branmuffinagh

1. a word thats used to confuse tha otha person in a conversation

2. silence filla
a. Yo man, i was asking this chick out and she turned me down.
b. so?
a. Groobles man, groobles.
b. What the shitballs is a groobles?
a. You don't know? Fuck you nigga
by Branmuffinagh March 09, 2009
a word that describes both boredom and sexiness of a person, neither can be excluded to mean just one or the other. Often used in the wrong place at the wrong time, it makes no sense. This word cannot be conjugated either.
a: yo shizzle i met the bitch that was so fuckin lugubrious!
b: yeah? was it that sexy librarian?
a: no! it was that bitch that sews on the bus
b: you gonna hit that?
a: no! bitch is fuckin boring
b: that's too bad
a: but she's fuckin hot...
by branmuffinagh May 05, 2009

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