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1. Sneakerheads who only rock hyped up shit to get props b/c they got no self worth or sense of style.
2. 50% of NikeTalk members
1. Yo, check out my matching supreme cap, bape hoody, bape jeans, and bape kicks.
2. You fuckin hypebeast.
by brandoneezy March 21, 2005
1. A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks.
2. A person with background knowledge of certain sneakers.
Yo, that cat always be rockin fresh sneaks. Gotta be a sneakerhead.
by brandoneezy March 21, 2005
1. to have/had sex. to get laid
2. a condom
1. Yeah, me and that breezie rounded the bases and I hit a homerun.

2. If you goin' to the club, gotta keep the homerun in ya back pocket.
by brandoneezy March 21, 2005
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