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A certain type of dough that mysteriously results to women orgasming. Please note this is not sour dough.
My mom was making dill dough and she fell on the floor in convulsions so I came on her face.
by brandon cluff March 29, 2006
A language based off the sounds of slurping and rubber slapping against itself which doesn't contain any prepositions, verbs, or any other type of word that isn't a noun. The only nouns present in the language pertain to having sex with artificial objects.
My mom was speaking dilldonics so I think she wants to screw a broom.
by brandon cluff March 29, 2006
As or pertaining to 80's hair metal and/or gay sex while under the influence of acid. This mind-blowing combination will make anyone orgasnm, thus making it sexadelic.
Your mom's jeans were so sexadelic that I have to change my pants.
by brandon cluff March 29, 2006
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