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As a modern spinoff of Aristotle's "Zoon Politikon", it designates not the "political animal" (the human as a being that yearns for social interaction), but the "informational animal" (the human yearning for knowledge).
William Gibson's vision of the Zoon Informatikon may seem more and more relevant each day, but hasn't become reality so far.
by brandnerd October 06, 2010
A currently relevant set of demographic groups. Found mostly in marketing-speak.
Let's cater to the buzzcrowd: The Millenials, Generation Y and Digital Natives.
by brandnerd June 21, 2010
The layer of social web services that enable users to interconnect, tag and cluster classic websites.

Origin: from the Greek word μετά (metá) (meaning "beyond" or "after") and the world wide web.
The site where the information was first made public was an obscure university blog concerned mainly with local matters. It's server buckled under the onslaught of visitors that resulted from the article's exploding popularity in the metaweb, especially Twitter.
by brandnerd August 29, 2010

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