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The act of plowing a chick really hard.
Da Money:"Man I would totally Beat the Brakes off that shit!"
by Brandaminator October 05, 2006
The act of running full sprint naked. Next tuck your nut-sack into your ass-crack and jump up doing a toe touch. Then proceed to land on your ass onto a plunger.
"Nick, I saw Olar giving himself the Fortissamo in the bathroom after class!"
by Brandaminator October 09, 2006
A general expression of anger or frustration. Derived from Mel Gibson's famous line from the movie Ransom.
"Dude I was so ticked off last night I just screamed Gimme Back My Son!"
by Brandaminator March 19, 2009
The act of jumping up and down and making your ball sack slap against yourself.
"I remeber in like 6th grade Wilcox did a flapper jack!"
by Brandaminator January 30, 2007
Wilcoxian for "Its been in my butt hole!"
DuWayne:"Hey dude, U have a pencil?"

Wilcox:"Yeah, ben bau!"
by Brandaminator February 03, 2007
Womanly, any phrase or word when said that could cause others to question one's manhood.
Guy 1: "Dude all I want to just sit back and watch Grey's Anatomy"
Guy 2: "That was rather Estrogenic!"
by Brandaminator April 02, 2010
A fake sex position that you tell your buddies you did with a chick so they think you're the man.
Tom: "Hey dude I would totally give that chick the texas-handstand!"
by Brandaminator October 05, 2006
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