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Any text composed on a cell phone without a "QWERTY" keyboard. A text composed through rapidly punching numbers to spell.
Dude, you still have that old phone of yours without a keyboard?

Yeah. I've been morse code texting to everyone and it's driving me insane!
by brainstorm85 July 19, 2011
Of or relating to a massive crisis of epic proportions. What else did you think it would be?
The football season suffered from a massacrisis of many injured players!
by brainstorm85 April 18, 2011
Similar to "desk jockey", a paint sniffer would be an individual that works inside a call center/cubicle type atmosphere.
The call center was filled with paint sniffers and pencil pushers.
by brainstorm85 July 01, 2011
lacking the ability to use common search engines to find answers to general inquiries or devoid of the mental capacity to realize that common search engines can lead to answering almost 99.9% of questions; lacking the sense to research the answer to a question via a search engine.
Rather than searching Google for her answer, Becky decided to wait on hold for 30 minutes to ask what airport was closet to her resort destination. She must be suffering from Search Engine Syndrome
by brainstorm85 May 31, 2011
The term used for taking an explosive crap in a public restroom, but at the same time concealing yourself from other people in the restroom due to embarrassment
"You left class in a hurry dude!"

"Yeah, the bathroom was crowded so I had to take a high school crap"
by brainstorm85 September 18, 2011
To "pull out" or "eject" rapidly during intercourse and ejaculate on your partners belly.
I totally mavericked her hole, ejected from the cockpit, and goosed on her belly!
by brainstorm85 April 20, 2011

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